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ZocDoc is an awesome site.  That’s how I found the ear specialist who helped me and that’s how I found my new ob-gyn.  Since I’m approaching a certain age, I thought I should find a “real” doctor instead of going to my primary physician who doubled as both.  😛   I’ve been going to my primary doctor for over 5 years and have had one bad experience after another.  Nothing major but it all adds up.  My first appointment with Dr. Fong was just wonderful.  That’s saying a lot since going to a “female” doctor is probably in my top 5 most dreaded events in life.  She was warm, friendly and knowledgeable, and didn’t shrug off my questions with bored disinterest.  Comparing her and my former doctor is like day and night.  I wonder if her being Asian had anything to do with how I felt in her presence but I doubt it.  She was just someone you feel you can talk to and depend on from day one.   Better yet, I told her I wanted to find a new family doctor and she recommended someone who has an office close to where I work.  Double score!  🙂


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Keeping a journal/blog is like yoga.  It takes a lot of discipline and focus.  By nature, I’m not a writer but I appreciate how “writing” stuff  down is helping me to retain a lot of the new info. We learned that yoga means relationship.  Just as I am getting to know myself more through this training, this blog is another aspect of a relationship with myself.  >_<

The other night, I went to a professional talk on data visualization and it really inspired me to think about visualization projects I can tinker with.   Notable projects include Nicholas Felton’s data viz’ed annual reports which depict all aspects of his life from the relationships he’s made to the food that he’s ingested.  I mean, isn’t this a great way towards becoming more mindful and aware of your life? What if I tracked how many downward dogs I’ve done during the year?  Or how many times I’ve meditated?  Not really as a goal but just to keep stats.   Another project I loved was Laura Kurgan’s Million Dollar Blocks.  Saw this a few years ago when it was up and was blown away then.  The project has progressed and the numbers she shared that night regarding how much was spent on putting folks in prison was staggering.  During the Q&A session, someone asked about the speakers’ design process and Laura said that she sees it as the relationship between 2 data sets.  Hmmm.   Aren’t we just made up of data?  In class, we’re learning about the main relationships in each asana so maybe I can visualize that in some way.  🙂

“Each time you make a decision to do or not to do something, that becomes data.”