Paleo FTW!!

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This past Wed marked the end of the 45 day Paleo challenge. I must say that thoroughly enjoyed this period and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.   Just like working out with others at CFH motivates you to not give up in the middle of a WOD, being part of a group diet makes it fun and easier to get through. Other saving graces were that coffee was allowed (I had one cup a day) and a small amount of 85% dark chocolate was also permitted on occasion for detox.  Maintaining the weekly log got tedious towards the end (I have yet to upload them onto this blog :P) but overall, I feel great.   I have so much more energy throughout the day, a leaner body, and better skin.  I feel younger!  I didn’t lose that much weight, but that’s probably because I ate a lot of fruit and also had sweet potatoes and potatoes from time to time.  Workouts are still dreadful but I have improved. Things that I thought were impossible (like rowing) are getting a bit easier although I still feel like dying in the middle sometimes.  Certain skin problems have cleared up which leads me to believe I might have been allergic to gluten.  And after working some dairy back into my diet after day 30, I know I need to cut that out since my stomach does not do well afterwards.

Going forward, I will be sticking to the Paleo lifestyle.  I love looking for and trying new recipes such as the Paleo turkey meatballs I made for SuperBowl Sunday and the Cowboy Breakfast Skillet which I have made a few times already. Paleo has actually made me a better shopper and cook.  It’s like a game to see what I can or cannot eat.  Eating out is more challenging but that too can be fun.  I will also try to keep my Crossfit workouts to 3 or 4 times a week…I can’t believe I’m so addicted!  As for the diet, I won’t be super strict about it because you gotta enjoy life too  😉  One day a week will be a flex day where I get to “cheat”…er, like today.   It was cold and rainy, and I just couldn’t resist going to one of my favorite cafes, La Bouche, and having their organic lentil soup and mushroom crepe.  I know I’ll pay for it later but I’m ok with that.


Oh, Lentil... why must you be a legume?

CFH Paleo Challenge

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Today, I started the Crossfit Hoboken Paleo Challenge that runs for the next 45 days!  In a nutshell, that means no whole grains, dairy, peanuts, sugars, or legumes.  Everything should be natural/unprocessed foods which is great because I try to eat only organic meats, veggies, and fruits anyways.

However, being an Asian gal, I just LOVE noodles and rice…and dumplings.  So it’s going to be tough but I’m looking forward to it.  I’ll try to document my food log, progress, etc on here, although with my track record, I won’t make another blog post until Christmas. 😛

Here are some links provided by the coach so we can learn more about the Paleo lifestyle.

Zoc Doc

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ZocDoc is an awesome site.  That’s how I found the ear specialist who helped me and that’s how I found my new ob-gyn.  Since I’m approaching a certain age, I thought I should find a “real” doctor instead of going to my primary physician who doubled as both.  😛   I’ve been going to my primary doctor for over 5 years and have had one bad experience after another.  Nothing major but it all adds up.  My first appointment with Dr. Fong was just wonderful.  That’s saying a lot since going to a “female” doctor is probably in my top 5 most dreaded events in life.  She was warm, friendly and knowledgeable, and didn’t shrug off my questions with bored disinterest.  Comparing her and my former doctor is like day and night.  I wonder if her being Asian had anything to do with how I felt in her presence but I doubt it.  She was just someone you feel you can talk to and depend on from day one.   Better yet, I told her I wanted to find a new family doctor and she recommended someone who has an office close to where I work.  Double score!  🙂

Happy New Year!

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The Chinese and Indians have a legend that “the world is supported by four elephants standing on a giant turtle.” It’s a lucky animal whose magic united heaven and earth. Here’s hoping everyone has a healthy and prosperous new year!

I’m looking forward to the new year. Just as we enter 2011, I’ll be doing the OM Yoga Teacher Training express track. Excited and scared. But can’t think of anything better to begin the year with than to challenge myself with this learning experience. I received the good news that I was accepted just as I was starting my 2 week winter break from work. Woot! I have a lot of reading to do already. But with my shiny new Kindle, reading multiple books at once will be a breeze (and saves trees!) 🙂  The sad news is that one of the teachers I thought I’d be training with has left OM.  She’s one of my all-time favorites whose classes are always packed (shows her popularity) and filled with fun, creative sequencing.  I’m going to miss her even though I have not been able to attend her classes has much in recent years.  I will always be grateful to her for pulling me up into my first inversion and for pushing me in my practice.  Wishing her lots of love and light.

Things I Found to be True in 2010

  • It’s all about timing – From people getting married and friends moving away to start new lives…my belief that everything happens for a reason (and when they need to) has been reinforced.
  • It pays to speak up – the drama with my ear resulted in my going to a specialist who helped me by vacuuming out a humongous wad of wax from my ear.  My original doctor still billed me but thanks to V who pushed me to speak up, I overcame my aversion to confrontations and asked the doctor to waive the fee back on Dec. 6. Reason?  Simply that she did not help me and made the matter worse.

slowly but surely

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I was much encouraged in class today by my yoga teacher, Cyndi Lee, when she noted that I’m improving :-D. I even surprised myself by kicking up into forearm stand on the first attempt. “Go me!” I thought. But in the next breath, I was humbled when I couldn’t get up again. Isn’t it weird that you just can’t will your body to do things it doesn’t want to do? As I looked around the room and saw all the advanced yogis bending their bodies into positions I could’t quite get into, doubts surfaced into my head. Can I really go through with teacher training? Who wants to learn from someone who can’t do all the asanas herself? Will I even be accepted? And if I don’t get accepted for the Jan/Feb 2011 TT, I wondered what I should do with the tuition refund. LOL. But then I grounded myself and noted that I can feel my strength and flexibility improve from week to week. It does get easier and I just have to keep at it. I wish my twenty-something self kept at it more rigorously than it did. But folks do yoga into their 50s and 60s or even 70s, so at 30-something, I’m still a young practitioner in that sense. And then I think of those whom I can teach …my mom, her friends, my sister, her husband…there are plenty of people I can help with teacher training under my belt >_<. Luckily, work has been slow and my project has not kicked off yet so that allows me to go to as many classes as I possibly can.

And speaking of bodily phenomenon that you have no control over – my left ear is clogged. It’s been like that for about 5 days now and I’ve just sort of sat back to experience sounds through a muffled sheath. Can’t imagine what deaf people must go through! I went to my doctor but other than telling me to get Debrox after subjecting me to a rather uncomfortable 5 minutes where she shot high-pressure water into my ear (convincing me again that she is the worst doctor on the face of the earth), she did not help me at all. It’s really time for me to find a new primary physician. Meanwhile, I’m exploring home remedies.