Don’t try this at home

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Paleo FTW!!

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This past Wed marked the end of the 45 day Paleo challenge. I must say that thoroughly enjoyed this period and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.   Just like working out with others at CFH motivates you to not give up in the middle of a WOD, being part of a group diet makes it fun and easier to get through. Other saving graces were that coffee was allowed (I had one cup a day) and a small amount of 85% dark chocolate was also permitted on occasion for detox.  Maintaining the weekly log got tedious towards the end (I have yet to upload them onto this blog :P) but overall, I feel great.   I have so much more energy throughout the day, a leaner body, and better skin.  I feel younger!  I didn’t lose that much weight, but that’s probably because I ate a lot of fruit and also had sweet potatoes and potatoes from time to time.  Workouts are still dreadful but I have improved. Things that I thought were impossible (like rowing) are getting a bit easier although I still feel like dying in the middle sometimes.  Certain skin problems have cleared up which leads me to believe I might have been allergic to gluten.  And after working some dairy back into my diet after day 30, I know I need to cut that out since my stomach does not do well afterwards.

Going forward, I will be sticking to the Paleo lifestyle.  I love looking for and trying new recipes such as the Paleo turkey meatballs I made for SuperBowl Sunday and the Cowboy Breakfast Skillet which I have made a few times already. Paleo has actually made me a better shopper and cook.  It’s like a game to see what I can or cannot eat.  Eating out is more challenging but that too can be fun.  I will also try to keep my Crossfit workouts to 3 or 4 times a week…I can’t believe I’m so addicted!  As for the diet, I won’t be super strict about it because you gotta enjoy life too  😉  One day a week will be a flex day where I get to “cheat”…er, like today.   It was cold and rainy, and I just couldn’t resist going to one of my favorite cafes, La Bouche, and having their organic lentil soup and mushroom crepe.  I know I’ll pay for it later but I’m ok with that.


Oh, Lentil... why must you be a legume?

Add Knitting to Another Thing I Do!

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Just started to take on an interest in knitting again. I got into it a little bit about 10 years ago when it became all the rage among younger women. My mom tried to teach me but it just didn’t stick. Today, I just completed a 4-session beginner’s knitting class at Patricia’s Yarn right in Hoboken and can happily say that I can knit! At least I feel competent enough to start some beginner projects. My first project is legwarmers followed by fingerless gloves. Will post both here when I’m done.


Happy Valentine’s Day

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I’ve seen this before, but worth another look. Love.