Samsara in action at the courthouse

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Today is day 2 of jury duty.    We were told to come back at 9:30am and so I arrived around 9:15am. When I walked in, I was overwhelmed by how many more people there are compared to the day before.  That’s because there are the folks like myself who are on their second day and then there is the set of new blood. Yesterday, as I was sitting and waiting, I had a fleeting thought that the jury selection process is much like samsara…an endless cycle. The way it works is that you check in to the juror waiting realm.  Here’s where you can sort of relax, read, or surf the web if you bring your laptop (I brought it today).  Then the system randomly (or is it that random?) selects a few names and when the staff person calls your name, you have to proceed to a judge’s courtroom realm.  There the judge gives a brief overview of the case and another computer randomly calls you into the jury box realm.  If you don’t get into the jury box, you can still see what’s going on.  The judge asks a series of questions to screen the potential jurors and the lawyers from each side also have the option to excuse a few jurors. It’s all based on knowing their prior experiences, formulating a judgement about those experiences, and then acting upon that judgement.  Karma.  If you don’t get selected as one of the jurors, you are recycled back into the juror waiting realm.  And then the whole process begins again. Luckily, I was not selected yesterday.  But it was a close one  since I answered one of the questions  in the affirmative and told the judge I might be a bit biased.   It was an honest answer 🙂

Jury Duty

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Stuck in jury duty today. I’m secretly glad since I can actually be productive and get some reading done without being disturbed. It’s also one of the best places to people-watch. It’s like being in a library. People trickle in and take seats in different parts of the room. Intuitively, I think we space ourselves out. We establish “our zone.” Same thing happens in a yoga class. You wouldn’t normally put your mat right up against another’s unless you really had to. Amazingly, there at the social anomalies. One Asian chick walked in and plopped down next to this guy (when there were so many other seats) and started to chat up a storm, pretty much telling him her life story. Annoying. I moved far far away from them.