OM TT Day 2 – Jan 7 (6-9pm)

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I thought Day 1 was intimidating enough by the sheer amount of knowledge that a yogi must retain.  Day 2 felt like twice the amount of information.  Having done yoga for years, it felt like second nature to do the asanas but to learn the various parts of the body that we must think about in minute detail, especially having to look for it in others and understand the correct way to handle adjustments, is HARD.  Even more difficult is remembering all the Sanskrit names for the asanas!  Reminding myself to… Breathe in.  Breathe out.  I haven’t led any sequences yet but we learned today that just describing the steps can be a challenge.

KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE – It’s kind of funny how there are many correlations  between yoga teacher training and my professional as a UX designer.  One of the main takeaways for me today is that you must understand who you’re teaching (i.e. who you’re “designing” the sequence for).  Use simple, clean sentences for easy poses (no need to elaborate or use flowery language) but describe harder sequences with more detail for advanced students.  I think having an engineering background will help me out here >_<.  I’m all about functionality and straightforward “technical” language. Ha ha.  I’m really looking forward to making the class plans!  🙂  I read ahead and saw Cyndi’s little stick figure drawings for various sequences.  Yoga wireframes.  Indeed, the whole class is just a storyboard for the asanas.

Today we went over adho muhka svanasana (downward facing dog) and ardha surya namaskar in depth.  Practiced it.  Analyzed it.  Adjusted one another.  I won’t elaborate here since I have other homework and have to continue with the practice of said sequence.  It was a good way to meet more of the other students and reminded me of Thai yoga massage class.  You just chill out, have fun, and touch each other.  Not inappropriately, of course.

Quote of the day:

Beginning teachers teach what they know.  Advanced teachers teach what students don’t know.

-Cyndi Lee

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