Happy New Year!

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The Chinese and Indians have a legend that “the world is supported by four elephants standing on a giant turtle.” It’s a lucky animal whose magic united heaven and earth. Here’s hoping everyone has a healthy and prosperous new year!

I’m looking forward to the new year. Just as we enter 2011, I’ll be doing the OM Yoga Teacher Training express track. Excited and scared. But can’t think of anything better to begin the year with than to challenge myself with this learning experience. I received the good news that I was accepted just as I was starting my 2 week winter break from work. Woot! I have a lot of reading to do already. But with my shiny new Kindle, reading multiple books at once will be a breeze (and saves trees!) ūüôā ¬†The sad news is that one of the teachers I thought I’d be training with has left OM. ¬†She’s one of my all-time favorites whose classes are always packed (shows her popularity) and filled with fun, creative sequencing. ¬†I’m going to miss her even though I have not been able to attend her classes has much in recent years. ¬†I will always be grateful to her for pulling me up into my first inversion and for pushing me in my practice. ¬†Wishing her lots of love and light.

Things I Found to be True in 2010

  • It’s all about timing – From people getting married and friends moving away to start new lives…my belief that everything happens for a reason (and when they need to) has been reinforced.
  • It pays to speak up –¬†the drama with my ear resulted in my going to a specialist who helped me by vacuuming out a humongous wad of wax from my ear. ¬†My original doctor still billed me but thanks to V who pushed me to speak up, I overcame my aversion to confrontations and asked the doctor to waive the fee back on Dec. 6. Reason? ¬†Simply that she did not help me and made the matter worse.

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