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An OM yoga teacher said that for a lot of students, making the leap to do teacher training will actually inspire them to take their practice to another level in the weeks before. I’m feeling some of that inspiration. In my years of doing yoga, I’ve never been consistent with inversions. And if I don’t practice regularly (i.e. every week) then I actually regress and can’t seem to do that handstand or forearm stand when I could do them only a few months before. I think part of the reason is my lack of upper body strength and another is mental. I’m just a bit scared. I try to visualize the pose before doing it and if I can’t connect the mental model and the physical, then I won’t get up. I feel somewhat sheepish that after 10+ years, I still can’t do any inversions away from the wall :-\ You have to be able to do headstand away from the wall and handstand and forearm stand at the wall. I’m making an effort to practice, practice, practice … and get there before the new year. I also signed up for one month of unlimited core fusion classes at Exhale Spa so I can improve my core strength ($100 ideeli voucher).

Maybe I’ll also try to remember all the Sanskrit names for asanas. Wish me luck!

image credit: cute japanese yogini site

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