slowly but surely

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I was much encouraged in class today by my yoga teacher, Cyndi Lee, when she noted that I’m improving :-D. I even surprised myself by kicking up into forearm stand on the first attempt. “Go me!” I thought. But in the next breath, I was humbled when I couldn’t get up again. Isn’t it weird that you just can’t will your body to do things it doesn’t want to do? As I looked around the room and saw all the advanced yogis bending their bodies into positions I could’t quite get into, doubts surfaced into my head. Can I really go through with teacher training? Who wants to learn from someone who can’t do all the asanas herself? Will I even be accepted? And if I don’t get accepted for the Jan/Feb 2011 TT, I wondered what I should do with the tuition refund. LOL. But then I grounded myself and noted that I can feel my strength and flexibility improve from week to week. It does get easier and I just have to keep at it. I wish my twenty-something self kept at it more rigorously than it did. But folks do yoga into their 50s and 60s or even 70s, so at 30-something, I’m still a young practitioner in that sense. And then I think of those whom I can teach …my mom, her friends, my sister, her husband…there are plenty of people I can help with teacher training under my belt >_<. Luckily, work has been slow and my project has not kicked off yet so that allows me to go to as many classes as I possibly can.

And speaking of bodily phenomenon that you have no control over – my left ear is clogged. It’s been like that for about 5 days now and I’ve just sort of sat back to experience sounds through a muffled sheath. Can’t imagine what deaf people must go through! I went to my doctor but other than telling me to get Debrox after subjecting me to a rather uncomfortable 5 minutes where she shot high-pressure water into my ear (convincing me again that she is the worst doctor on the face of the earth), she did not help me at all. It’s really time for me to find a new primary physician. Meanwhile, I’m exploring home remedies.


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An OM yoga teacher said that for a lot of students, making the leap to do teacher training will actually inspire them to take their practice to another level in the weeks before. I’m feeling some of that inspiration. In my years of doing yoga, I’ve never been consistent with inversions. And if I don’t practice regularly (i.e. every week) then I actually regress and can’t seem to do that handstand or forearm stand when I could do them only a few months before. I think part of the reason is my lack of upper body strength and another is mental. I’m just a bit scared. I try to visualize the pose before doing it and if I can’t connect the mental model and the physical, then I won’t get up. I feel somewhat sheepish that after 10+ years, I still can’t do any inversions away from the wall :-\ You have to be able to do headstand away from the wall and handstand and forearm stand at the wall. I’m making an effort to practice, practice, practice … and get there before the new year. I also signed up for one month of unlimited core fusion classes at Exhale Spa so I can improve my core strength ($100 ideeli voucher).

Maybe I’ll also try to remember all the Sanskrit names for asanas. Wish me luck!

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I’m not a good blogger

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It’s been nearly 5 months since my last post. That’s not surprising since I am admittedly a bad blogger. I’m busy. I’m lazy. I forget to do it.

Here is a brief recap of what’s been happening since June:

  • Got a new job at one of America’s happiest companies
  • Traveled to Paris and Edinburgh on my first assignment

  • Traveled to Montreal for the first time
  • Traveled to Seattle to see friends and hike Mt. Rainier
  • Got into hiking
  • photos TBD

It’s been a good year and we’re almost done with 2010. Wow. I just submitted my application for the OM teacher training program in Jan/Feb 2011. If I’m accepted, I want to document my classes and experiences here since we will need to keep a journal anyways. Hope I get in and that I can keep up the blog. 🙂